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Welcome to Team One Youth Academy, where young boys and girls in elementary school embark on an exciting journey into the world of volleyball! Our clinics are carefully crafted to accommodate all skill levels, creating a nurturing environment where beginners and intermediate players can flourish.

At Team One, we believe in building a strong foundation for our athletes. That's why our youth program focuses on building essential skills like serving, passing, setting, hitting, blocking, and digging. Through a variety of engaging drills and activities, our dedicated coaches guide the players to master the fundamentals while emphasizing the importance of teamwork throughout their development.

But our focus goes beyond just skills; we're here to nurture a love for the game and cultivate values like teamwork and commitment. Our ultimate goal is to prepare these young athletes for the next level, whether it's making their junior high school volleyball teams or pursuing club volleyball opportunities.

With three tier levels tailored to individual skill sets, every player has the opportunity to progress and succeed in our program. And for girls interested in exploring club volleyball, our academy provides a supportive platform for growth and development, where the focus is on personal improvement rather than competitive outcomes.

Join us at Team One Youth Academy for a season of growth, friendship, and volleyball fun as we prepare young athletes for success both on and off the court!

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