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Team One Volleyball Club

Celebrating 14 Years of Volleyball Excellence Since 2010!

Our Story

JVA World Challenge

18U Premier Gold Division Champs!

"Welcome to Team One, where we're redefining the volleyball experience for young female athletes and their families. Our journey began over 14 years ago with a simple yet powerful vision: to create a safe environment where young female athletes could flourish, free from the pressures often associated with big clubs solely focused on their own achievements.


At the heart of our program is a commitment to providing more than just exceptional volleyball training. We believe in nurturing the holistic development of each player, addressing not only their technical skills but also their mental resilience and nutritional needs. Our goal is to empower every athlete to reach their full potential. 


In a volleyball world where individual needs can sometimes be overshadowed by club agendas, we stand apart by prioritizing the well-being and growth of every player. Our cutting-edge Indoor Club Program offers a refreshing approach to training, blending innovation with tradition to deliver unparalleled results.


Step into our dynamic training sessions, where a carefully curated mix of drills and exercises awaits, designed to unlock your player's game-winning potential. But it's not just about what happens on the court – it's about the friendships, the support, and the sense of belonging that defines the Team One experience.


And for those craving the ultimate volleyball adventure, our Beach Volleyball Program sets the standard in the Midwest. With a dual training experience that seamlessly combines indoor and beach volleyball, we offer an immersive journey unlike any other. Our comprehensive approach ensures that players develop the skills, strategy, and resilience needed to succeed in both indoor and beach volleyball arenas. But it's not just about the experience, it's about the results. We're proud to announce that over 40 of our players have been recruited for Division 1 and Division 2 beach volleyball programs across the country.


Join us at Team One and discover a new era of volleyball excellence – where every player is valued, every dream is nurtured, and every success is celebrated. It's more than just a club; it's a community dedicated to empowering young athletes to shine both on and off the court."

Giving Back

Community is at the heart of Team One Volleyball. We collaborate with local charities and like-minded organizations that share our passion for youth empowerment through sports. By investing in our community through service efforts, we aim to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders.


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