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"Achieve Your Greatness at Team One Beach"

Celebrating 14 Years of Volleyball Excellence Since 2010!

"Prepare to experience the ultimate in beach volleyball training with our one-of-a-kind Beach Program – a holistic powerhouse unlike anything else in the country! At Team One Beach, we don't just focus on refining physical skills; we prioritize the development of the mind and body as one. While many programs tend to overlook the mental aspect of the game, we understand its pivotal role in achieving peak performance on the sand. With over 14 years of dedicated experience, we stand as the premier beach club in Chicagoland, having propelled over 40 college-recruited beach players to success. What sets us apart is our commitment to comprehensive player development from technical proficiency to mental resilience. From experienced collegiate athlete to a newcomer to the beach game, our club has something for every individual. Join our program and find out why so many players and parents are raving about our beach program."

JHS / HS Regional Program

Join our regional beach volleyball program for an exciting opportunity to enhance your volleyball skills, both on the sand and indoors, all while fostering a supportive environment for the players.  Tailored for indoor athletes aged 13-18 eager to explore the world of beach volleyball, our program offers a holistic approach to player development.


We understand the importance of cross-training and aim to help players become stronger indoor athletes by incorporating elements from beach volleyball into their training regimen. Through dynamic drills and gameplay, players not only refine their beach volleyball skills but also develop attributes that translate seamlessly to the indoor game, such as agility, endurance, and ball control.


In addition to skill development, our program prioritizes providing ample time for competitive play, creating a platform for players to test their abilities and grow as athletes. Meanwhile, parents can enjoy a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where they can support their children's journey in a positive and uplifting environment.

Come join us and discover the thrill of beach volleyball while honing your skills and becoming a stronger indoor athlete, all within a supportive community that celebrates growth and achievement!

Regional Program - 6 or 8 weeks (3x per wk)

Program Fee - $495 - $929

May - July ( Program can be prorated to fit your needs)

JHS / High School National Program

Our National Beach Volleyball Program, where we elevate the game to new heights, empowering athletes to compete at the higher level. 

Building upon the foundation laid in our regional program, our National Program takes player development to the next level. We focus on refining every aspect of your game, from technical skills to mental fortitude, preparing you to excel at the next level.

Our comprehensive training curriculum is designed by top-tier coaches and it ensures that every session is strategically crafted to push you beyond your limits and unlock your full potential.


Through rigorous drills, specialized training techniques, and advanced gameplay strategies, we equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed against your opponents. 

Our program is not just about on-court excellence. We cultivate a supportive and competitive environment where athletes are encouraged to push each other to greater heights, fostering a culture of friendship, resilience, and sportsmanship.

For parents, our National Program offers peace of mind, knowing that their children are receiving top-notch coaching and guidance in a professional and nurturing setting.

National Program - 8 Thru 11 weeks (3x week)

Program Fee - $895-$1120

May - July ( Program can be prorated to fit your needs)

Our one of a kind, College Prep and Cali National Beach Programs will prepare help you to get recruited at the National Competition Events. 


Designed for players aiming to reach the top level and attract the attention of college recruiters, our sessions offer a balance of intensity and enjoyment. Led by experienced coaches and supported by elite players, each session combines strategic drills with competitive gameplay.


Our focus is on fine tuning your advance skills and enhancing your game knowledge, equipping you with the tools needed to get recruited and also excel at the collegiate level. Join us as we guide you towards achieving your beach volleyball ambitions, step by step, session by session.

What’s included in the College Prep Program 

  • Focused training time to go over advanced offense and defense strategies.

  • Training with our returning college athletes.

  • Communicating with the players college coaches / start implementing their training style.

  • How to play against different types of players (Tall hitters, small shooters)

  • Developing various offensive attacking angles and speed. 

  • Formulating the best offense for your team based on the player's abilities and height.

  • Ongoing goal setting / journaling to track the individual player's progress. 

  • Breaking down the game, watching the game footages / discussions after. 

  • Meeting with our returning college players in December, learning from their experience. 

  • Analyzing players current strength and weakness and preparing for college competition.

  • Working with our specialized beach coaches for position specific needs. 

  • Guidance with college recruiting process for non committed players 


College recruiting service and video

  • Please inquire about our college recruiting video service from recording to full editing! 


Functional body and mind training 

  • 30 lbs sand sled for developing quickness, cardio, and lower body strength. 

  • TRX bands for total body workout, especially the upper body, and core. 

  • Plyo in the sand, improving explosiveness and overall vertical jumping ability. 

  • Battle rope for total body workout! arms, back, core, shoulders, lower body… 

  • Resistance band for - stronger shoulders, quicker arm speed, and injury prevention.

  • Yoga for improved range of motion, core stability, and breath work.

  • Meditation and mental awareness training for peak emotional performance. 

College Prep Fall/Winter - 6 months 

Program Fee - $3477

Uniform Fee - $325-$395

Nov - April ( Program can be prorated to fit your needs)

Cali National Spring/Summer - 3 months

Program Fee - $1740

Uniform Fee - $325-$395

May - July ( Program can be prorated to fit your needs)

College Prep Program






Here are some of the reasons why parents and players are raving about us:

  • We train the mind and body as one, it's a HOLISTIC approach to sports. 

  • One of a kind volleyball training facility with 3 hard courts, 2 indoor sand courts, and a comfortable viewing area for the parents to see their kids in action.

  • Technical skills training to quickly improve your game. 

  • Mental training program that builds your confidence, on and off the court. 

  • Holistic nutritional program to assist the players in living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Open / Respectful communication between coaches, players, and parents. 

  • Quality coaches with many years of playing experience who can assess and articulate the proper techniques to the players. 

  • Motivating, hard-working, and fun learning environment for the athletes. 

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