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Team One Volleyball Club


Why Parents and Players Love Team One!

Madi Firnett

Former Player

Team One is the best thing that’s ever happened to me! I am now in college but played there starting in 7th grade all the way to my senior year of high school and still love to go back there when I’m home from college. Not only do they care about the development and skills of the players but they genuinely care so much about the players as people and what is going on in their lives outside of volleyball. I definitely would not be the person and player I am today without Team One.
It is definitely the best beach volleyball training in all of the Midwest and helped me so much in reaching my goal of playing D1 Beach Volleyball. They worked with me not only on the court but were a huge help in the recruiting process and getting me in contact with college coaches. It is an honor to be able to play at Team One I am forever grateful for my years there, it will always be a second home.

Shawn Gordon


We have had two daughters progress through both the indoor and beach programs at Team One, with one currently still competing full time in the beach program. If you're looking for a club with a completely supportive environment to learn volleyball lessons that apply to life, look no further. The guidance they've received in terms of technical volleyball skills and strategy is top notch. Also, Team One separates itself from other clubs in it's care for the players well-being and growth. If your daughter is ready to focus and work hard, they will provide an opportunity to exceed hopes and expectations.

Laura Kane


This club has been an amazing experience for my oldest daughter who was the first Team One team, and for my youngest daughter who still participates in the program. Not only do they have high skill training for both beach and indoor, they also focus on mental skills also. I can’t say enough about this club, its positive atmosphere, skilled coaches, the Director is amazing, and most of all my daughter loves going. It is been such a positive experience for us!


Chuck Smith


The day our daughter joined Team One, she began to soar. This high-level volleyball training is run by coaches who play the game and can impart all of the nuances of technique, strategy, and conditioning. As an enlightened club, Team One also emphasizes the mental challenges on the court, giving them equal priority as the physical...a philosophy common in professional sports today. This mindset has bred health and confidence in many other areas of our daughter’s life as well.While this club holds players to high athletic standards, they are treated with respect, as unique young women with attention paid to their personal goals. Players are never pitted against one another, demeaned, or manipulated, and coaching is always constructive. While parent-to-club communication is free-flowing, players are encouraged to develop their own voices and take ownership of their own athletic achievement. Above all, Team One is a safe space. As parents of a teenage daughter, we have not once felt uneasy with the ideals or methods of this youth sports organization. As a matter of fact, we are sometimes stunned by the life lessons she has absorbed via the sport she loves. Elite athletic instruction plus personal growth…Team One is a “win-win” in our book!

Colleen McGuire

Former Player

UC Davis - NCAA D1

I cannot recommend Team One enough! Team One has cultivated an incredible atmosphere where competitive volleyball is top priority without having to sacrifice the mental health of its players, unlike so many other indoor club programs. As a past player of Team One who currently competes at a Division I level, I can confidently say I would never be where I am today without the hands-on coaching of the Team One staff. The facilities, especially beach courts, are immaculate, the players are both kind and competitive by nature, and the coaches care immensely for the wellbeing and growth of players. This was the best club experience by far, and I am so grateful to have been a part of Team One!

Sam Crankshaw

Former Player

Eckerd - NCAA D2

Team One has forever changed my life! I began playing beach volleyball at Team One when I was 14 years old, and continued training for both beach and indoor until I eventually decided to pursue playing beach in college. I would not be who I am today without the help of my coaches and teammates who have challenged me and pushed me outside of many comfort zones! Team One is more than just a volleyball club; it is a place where young athletes create lifelong friendships with each other and learn about mental toughness, discipline, and how to be the best version of yourself possible on and off the court.
Team One is forever my second home!

Aimee Olsen



Team One has been the best decision for a travel volleyball program for our daughter. We have found the perfect balance of intensity of play and competition. The technical skill development is top notch. Not only do they practice physical volleyball skills, they teach her to be mentally competitive both on and off the court. Additionally, the opportunity to learn beach volleyball is invaluable. The benefits of practicing in the sand is unmatched. Our children have participated in many travel clubs and this has been our daughter's best team experience. The coaching staff truly has her best interests at heart. We recommend Team One!

Mila Popovic

Former Player


I have been at team one for 4 years now and I absolutely love it. It is the best beach club in the area, extremely structured, and super nice girls. Taye and all of the other coaches are phenomenal and give each player the attention they need to excel and get recruited. They not only focus on improving players volleyball skills but teach so many life lessons as well such as mindset and discipline. Overall, the definition of a 5 star program.

Mary Rachford



My daughter completed her first year at Team One 14s and loved it. She played the indoor season and had a great coach and very balanced team with no drama. She loved practicing on the sand so much (they all practice once a week on the sand court) that she signed on to the two on two beach season which she also loved. I played volleyball in college and coached for the last 30 years so I have some experience in this area and have been very pleased with the entire experience, including the talks on nutrition, incorporating Yoga and meditation into practices and having meetings with a confidence coach who did wonders for my girl's confidence. She went from a shy setter afraid to play the front row to captain of her high school freshmen team playing all around.



Team One volleyball is absolutely fantastic!! My daughter switched clubs and sports her Jr year of high school. Taye Im was so welcoming and the girls already playing at Team One were really accepting and kind. She was recruited to play D-1 beach volleyball within 8 months of coming to this club. They are so knowledgeable and patient with each individual kid, knowing they’re all different and learn differently.



UC Davis - NCAA D1


I came to Team One my junior year when I decided to go full beach. I knew very basic skills at the time and needed to improve my game and skills very quickly to get recruited and play at the collegiate level. Taye and all of the girls on the team were very welcoming, skilled, and very competitive. Taye improved my game to a whole new level and helped me achieve my dreams to play in college. I strongly recommend Team One. They have great players and coaches. I improved physically as well as mentally. Team One is special from other volleyball clubs because it’s more than just volleyball, we talk about the mental side of the sport, life lessons, and being disciplined. Being involved at Team One has changed my outlook on life and now I am ready to compete at the next level.

Desiree Kirns



Excellent sport/ life balance at this club. Highly recommend if you are looking for a professional volleyball organization- Team One offers a fresh approach and positive coaching!

Juliana Chapman

Jennifer Liang

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