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Here are some of the reasons why parents and players are raving about us:  


  • We train the mind and body as one, it's a HOLISTIC approach to sports. 

  • One of a kind volleyball training facility with 3 hard courts, 2 indoor sand courts, and a comfortable viewing area for the parents to see their kids in action.

  • Technical skills training to quickly improve your game. 

  • Mental training program that builds your confidence, on and off the court. 

  • Holistic nutritional program to assist the players in living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Open / Respectful communication between coaches, players, and parents. 

  • Quality coaches with many years of playing experience who can assess and articulate the proper techniques to the players. 

  • Motivating, hard-working, and fun learning environment for the athletes. 

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Team One's Program

 1. Our training program is complete and balanced: Technical training, Mental Training, and Nutritional training. 

2. Our coaches are very experienced volleyball players, we do not hire critical or unfit coaches.

3. One of our top priorities is to offer a peaceful environment. 

4. We welcome our team parents to stay and watch our practices. 

5. We allow players to take part in important school functions and family events. 

6. We teach our players to think and be positive through our  Life Skills Program. 

7. We train our players to be a well-rounded player and not just a one-position player. This opens up more opportunities. 

8. We offer a true dual-training program. We offer our Indoor program as well as our nationally ranked "true" beach program.

9. We have a very effective strength and conditioning program. We utilize the latest training methods to maximize player's results. 

Other Club's Program

 1.Other clubs focus mostly on high-repetition drills without paying attention to the individual needs of the players. 

2. Other clubs do not pay close attention in hiring coaches; they may lack physical abilities and mentoring skills.

3. Other clubs tend to have the "do not talk to us" approach, also they do not eliminate potential team drama quickly. 

4. Other clubs will not allow parents to watch any of the practices. 

5. Other clubs have "overly" strict policies on missing practices, wearing make up, family events...

6. Other clubs are more focused on winning and losing at all cost. 

7. Other clubs focus on putting you where they need you and never cross train the players to play multiple positions.

8. Other clubs mostly offer indoor club program, or they attempt to offer a beach program with minimal knowledge of the beach game. 


9. Other clubs offer minimal level of basic weight training or ineffective cardio workouts. 

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