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Our Beach Program is a "one of a kind" holistic training program in the country!

Our elite program focuses on training the mind and body as ONE. Most programs focus only on the technical     ( body ) part of the game leaving out the most important part, the mental game!


In short 7 years of starting our program, we have produced many of the top beach volleyball players in the Midwest. We are the only club in the Chicagoland that has consistently produced nationally ranked beach volleyball junior players! Beach volleyball is a very serious part of our club program, other clubs are offering beach as a "side dish" or calling it a beach program when it's really a indoor program with indoor coaches training in the sand. 


During our training sessions variations of effective beach drills are featured, which are geared towards improving your game winning potential. Team One provides a positive / effective training environment, players "love" coming to practices, and therefore are excelling at a faster rate. 


Summer and Fall Beach Program

Summer Beach Program - 2019

  • National Program 14U - 18U - May 1st thru July 27th

    • 13U/14U National Program $875 - $895​

    • 15U-18U National Program $895 - $1195

  • Level 3 Program 13U - 18U - June 4th thru July 27th

    • 13U/14U $550 - ​$795

    • 15U-18U $550 - $795

  • Uniform cost $125 - $335


ZBT 15u - 18u - Fall Beach program - 2018

  • Tier 1 - $775 4 times a week

  • Tier 2- $675 3 times a week

  • August  14th - October 5th (8 week program)

  • Uniform fee included in program fee


Practice Locations:

Team One Volleyball Center - Indoor

Eola Community Center  - Outdoor

WBT Fall/Winter Beach Program

Information updated 10/30/18

  • Age Groups: 14-18U 

  • Season: 6 months (Nov  - April)

  • Practices: College Prep - 3/4 times a week

  • Practices for our Tier 1 and 2: 

    • Tier 1  - 3 times a week.

    • Tier 2 - 2 times a week

  • Strength/Agility Sand Training Included

  • In-house beach tournament 1 x per month

  • Membership:  AAU

  • Nutritional Guidence

  • Team Bonding Activity

  • Mental /Confidence Training

    Pricing Info. - 2018/19

  • College Prep Program - $2,880 4 times a week

  • Tier 1 - $2,340 3 times a week 

  • Tier 2 - $1,750 2 times a week

  •  We offer a 4 month payment plan. 

    Additional Fees

  • Player Uniform Fee $195

  • Travel and Team fee - 1 to 2 trips to California to compete in the college recruit events. ​

  • We have two beautiful indoor sand courts at Team One Training Center! 

National Level

Our National and Cali National level training is for players whose goals are to successfully compete at the National level.  Each training session will help to develop and sharpen your technical skills and broaden the understanding of the advanced beach volleyball strategies. 

Variations of effective drills are featured in every training session which is geared toward improving your game winning potential.

These drills are meant to mentally and physically
prepare you to compete at the regional and national level. 


Some of the benefits you will gain from training with Team ONE:
- Start winning more games with ease.
- Learn the benefits of 4 corner attacking strategies.
- Get in your best playing shape ever.
- Train your mind and body as ONE, become a balanced athlete. 
- Learn from dedicated coaches and pro players with many years    of experience! 

- We use the same program to train our Pro Level Players!


Pricing Info - 2018

  • Cali National Program 15U - 18U 

    • $1195 - $1395

    • 4 to 5 times a week May 1st thru Aug 2nd

  • National Program 14U - 18U 

    • 13U/14U National Program $895 - $950

      • 3 to 4 times a week  May 21st thru Aug 2nd

    • 15U-18U National Program $1095 - $1195

      • 3 to 4 times a week  May 1st/15th thru Aug 2nd

Beach Level 2/3

Level 2 & 3 programs are ideal players ages 13-18 years old, who want to take the passion of indoor volleyball out to the beach. Our unique program focuses on improving your indoor game as well as learning the beach doubles game. It is an excellent opportunity for the intermediate and advanced junior players to work on improving their overall volleyball skill level!

During each session, different drills are implemented to build various skills including: Serving - Passing - Setting - Spiking - Defense
Level 3 advanced program is for players that are serious about learning the beach game; it's also for higher  level indoor players looking for a great cross training  summer program to get them prepared for the school  volleyball season/tryouts.


Pricing Info - 2018​​

  • Level 2/3 Program 13U - 18U - May 21st/June 4th - July 27th

    • 13U/14U $475 - ​$795

    • 15U-18U $550 - $795

  • Uniform cost $125 - $295

Practice Locations:

Team One Volleyball Center - Indoor

Eola Community Center  - Outdoor

Youth Program

Our youth program is perfect for Boys and Girls ages 10-12years old, Team ONE takes the energy and excitement of this great team sport and puts it all together into one fun-filled training. 


All aspects of the game are taught through fun drills. We focus on passing, setting, hitting and serving. This program is designed for the beginner and intermediate players.

Our volleyball coaches will assist each player in developing the fundamental skills of the game through repetition and drills aimed at developing the whole player.

Pricing Info - 2018​​

  • Youth Level 1 (10-12yr)  6 week program - $395

  • 2 times a week

  • Uniform Fee - $55

Team One Volleyball

Address: 2380 Prospect Dr.  Unit B

Aurora IL. 60502

Phone: 630-854-6200 ( Club Director Taye)


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