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Team One is more than just a volleyball club, we make a difference in our players lives, on and off the court!

The day our daughter joined Team One, she began to soar. This high-level volleyball training is run by coaches who play the game and can impart all of the nuances of technique, strategy, and conditioning. As an enlightened club, Team One also emphasizes the mental challenges on the court, giving them equal priority as the physical...a philosophy common in professional sports today. This mindset has bred health and confidence in many other areas of our daughter’s life as well.While this club holds players to high athletic standards, they are treated with respect, as unique young women with attention paid to their personal goals. Players are never pitted against one another, demeaned, or manipulated, and coaching is always constructive. While parent-to-club communication is free-flowing, players are encouraged to develop their own voices and take ownership of their own athletic achievement. Above all, Team One is a safe space. As parents of a teenage daughter, we have not once felt uneasy with the ideals or methods of this youth sports organization. As a matter of fact, we are sometimes stunned by the life lessons she has absorbed via the sport she loves. Elite athletic instruction plus personal growth…Team One is a “win-win” in our book!

Stephanie and Chuck Smith

Team One is more than just a volleyball club, it is a place for players to truly discover themselves.  They are challenged not only physically and technically with skills, but also mentally in a way that makes them look inside themselves to find that inner strength to succeed on and off the court.  There is a level of care and concern from Taye, Michelle, Brandon, and all of the coaches that we have encountered over the last several years that I have never experienced with another sports organization so far.   In addition to the court, the beach program has been a major benefit to our girls volleyball development and has added a lot of fun along the way!  

Toni Taylor

Our daughter Kate has grown from a recreational to a highly skilled competitive player within months of joining Team One. Coaching staff has culture of teaching meticulous detail not only to ensure player development, but most importantly to love the game.

Kevin Biasbas

Team One has been the best decision for a travel volleyball program for our daughter. We have found the perfect balance of intensity of play and competition. The technical skill development is top notch. Not only do they practice physical volleyball skills, they teach her to be mentally competitive both on and off the court. Additionally, the opportunity to learn beach volleyball is invaluable. The benefits of practicing in the sand is unmatched. Our children have participated in many travel clubs and this has been our daughter's best team experience. The coaching staff truly has her best interests at heart. We recommend Team One!

Aimee Olsen

Players are not just players at Teamone. With the guidance of the coaches, they develop not only the skill set to be a hardcourt and/or beach player but they more importantly developed the maturity to handle life.

Joe Donzelli

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