Tryout iNFO 


  • Team ONE offers a true dual training program: highly competitive Indoor program as well as Nationally ranked beach volleyball program.  

  • 2018/19 Windy City Power League Ranking:

    • 18 Onyx finished 3rd in Red Division (Highest Club Division). 

    • 16 Zen our top 16U team finished 1st in Red Division (Highest Club Division).

    • 16 Onyx finished 5th in Red Division (Highest Club Division).

    • 15 Onyx finished 1st in White Division (2nd Highest Club Division).

    • 14 Onyx finished 6th in Red Division (Highest Club Division).

  • Team ONE Coaching/Training Program:  We hand pick our coaches very carefully, they are highly experienced volleyball players as well as great mentors.  

  • Team ONE offers a training facility that is one-of-a-kind in the country!  Our beautiful facility offers three premium sport courts and two indoor sand courts (soft, clean Michigan Dunes sand).

  • Time is now for you to take matters into your own hands.  Are you tired of being treated poorly by your current club? They promise a bright future but fall short on their follow through. You are the customer,  you and your player should be treated with respect and compassion.  Stop allowing the pressures from your high school coaches to determine which “club you have to play for”.  Find out how Team ONE is offering a fresh approach to running an extremely competitive club, in a positive environment.

Why Tryout at Team One?   

Summer Beach Tryout

April 25th-28th:

15U - 18U

April 26th:


Additional MAKE-UP Beach Tryout:

15U - 18U:

May 12th 6:30p - 8:30p

May 19th 6:30p - 8:30p


May 15th 9a - 11a

May 22nd 9a - 11a

Last make up tryout date ALL ages:

June 4th 1:00p - 2:00p


To sign up for the make-up tryouts please email us at:

Cost is $35 (check made out to Team One or cash)

Junior High Tryout Dates

Information updated April 2022

July 16th:


6th/7th/8th Grade 

Time: 3:00p - 5:00p




July 17th

July 18th

July 19th

***You must email us to set up which date listed above and time for a semi-private tryout***

High School Tryout Dates

Information updated April 2022

July 16th


9th/10th Graders

Time: 11:30a - 2:00p


11th / 12th graders

Time: 8:30a - 10:30a




July 17th

July 18th

July 19th

***You must email us to set up which date listed above and time for a semi-private tryout***

Indoor Tryout Registration 

- All players are required to pre-register.

- Cost for the tryout is $35.00, we are going to have a big turnout and spots are filling up fast!

- All Players must registered by the Friday BEFORE the tryout date. The tryout fee will be increased to $50 the Friday (at midnight) before the tryout date. 

- All tryout fees are NON_REFUNDABLE, whether the player is present or not at the tryout. 

What you need to do to sign up for the tryout:

1. Your will need to have a USAV membership in order to tryout. If you are a returning player, your USAV membership has an expiration date of Aug 31st, so that membership will be good to use for the tryout. If you are a new player and you do not have a USAV membership, you will need to purchase a tryout membership. 


Please follow the instructions on how to sign up for the membership by clicking on the following link below Click on the Tryout Membership ($5). Once you make our club, you may need to upgrade your membership to the Upgrade Membership $55:                                                                               


2. To register for our tryouts and our make-up tryouts, you will need to click on the following link, when using the link, try to use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your web browser



**Something to keep in mind when registering your High School player:

If your daughter is a Freshman/9th Grade, she is considered a 15U player.

If your daughter is a Sophomore/10th Grade, she is considered a 16U player.

If your daughter is a Junior/11th Grade, she is considered a 17U player.

If your daughter is a Senior/12th Grade, she is considered an 18U player. 

3. You "MUST" pay online with a Credit or Debit Card 

 ( If you do not pre-pay before the tryout, your registration will not be accepted! ) 

4. Please show up 30 minutes prior to the start time, please wear your school T-Shirts to the tryout (returning Team One players can wear their Team One practice shirt) 

Important Tryout Information 


  • It will be a CLOSED tryout. For players and coaches only. Our practices are always open to parents. 

  • Players check-in at designated time.

  • After the tryout, we will have a parent/player meeting. Parents are encouraged to attend our informational meeting after the tryout for a brief Q & A.  

  • We will post on our website & email all the parents/players the day of tryouts whether they made the team or not. 

  • Players must email their acceptance 48 hours after receiving the email notice to: 

  • Players accepting their spot with us, MUST mail or drop off the uniform fee PLUS the first club payment. We accept cash or checks made payable to Team One. If prefer to pay by credit card (there will be a convenience fee to pay with credit card), please email  Team One Address: 2380 Prospect Dr., Unit B., Aurora, IL 60502

  • Birthdate Guidelines
    18U:     July 1st, 2003 - June 30th, 2004
    17U:     July 1st, 2004 - June 30th, 2005
    16U:     July 1st, 2005 - June 30th, 2006
    15U:     July 1st, 2006 - June 30th, 2007
    14U:     July 1st, 2007 - June 30th, 2008
    13U:     July 1st, 2008 - June 30th, 2009

       12U:     July 1st, 2009 - June 30th, 2010